Laura Del Rio was a sultry latina who loved to wrestle both women and men at Mildred Burke's Gym in California during the 1970's.

Below are all of Laura's Matches. Click on any image for a larger view and to Purchase the DVD Or Download.

Laura's Wrestling Matches

Laura Vs Susan Sexton

Laura Muscle Posing

Laura Vs Aggie Henry

Laura Vs Texas Red

Laura & Sylvia Vs Sara & Natasha

Laura Vs War Star

Laura Vs War Star Rematch

Laura Vs Panama & Tanya

Laura Vs Perla Nieto

Laura Vs Panama

Laura Vs Jackie West
Laura's Mixed Matches

Laura Vs Bob

Laura & Juan Vs Lita & El Tigre

Laura Vs Dave

Laura Vs El Tigre

Laura Vs Bill

Laura Vs Clyde

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