On July 1, 2018 we will be discontinuing our Judell Dulong Collection.

Why are we doing this?
Our website has grown too over 5,000 rare and hard to find videos, and
Not only are they hard to find in the world, they can be hard t find on
our website as we have probably been giving our customers too much choice.
Rather than to grow our total website titles, going forward we will be emilinating
Certain titles and/or sections and will be replacing them with new titles or sections
to maintain an average of closer to 3000 to 4000 videos and will be placing certain
videos on our website into the Rockin-Roxanne fault and begin rotating our selections
by eliminating some videos and rotating them with others. So these Judell Dulong videos
are not gone forever, and we estimate we will offer them again for a limited time in late 2019.

Each month throughout 2018 will be eliminating certain sections of our website
and replacing them with new sections. You can stil purchase any of our over 300
Judell Dulong videos through 11:00 P.M. PST on Sunday July 1, 2018.
The final day to purchase by mail is Saturday June 30, 2018, meaning your order
must be postmarked by June 30, 2018.

BTW, for those fans who are unaware, Judell Dulong passed away in July 2017
and to honor a true pioneer in the advancement of female wrestling films & videos,
we are retiring her videos from our website first.

The videos below are Judell's Female Wrestling videos, but you can also view
Judell's Boxing and Mixed Matches by following either of these two links.

Click On Any Of The Images Below For a Full Size Graphic With the Option to Purchase the item on DVD or Download.

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Mixed Sampler DVD

#34 - Judell Dulong Vs Mel

#76 - Nancy Skarvan Vs Jack Dulong

#101 - Sharon Dulong Vs Jack Dulong

#132 - Jeanne Walters Vs Roy Heddy

#139 - Karen Arnold Vs Jim Hein

#178 - D'Ann Morse Vs Rod Henrick

#202 - Diane Syverson Vs Jim Hein

#216 - Maria DiMauro Vs Rod Henderick

#239 - Karen Arnold Vs Ron Fead

#268 - Nancy Skarvan Vs Mark Gibson

#283 - Judell Dulong Vs Dave Englin

#285 - Nancy Skarvan Vs Andrew Harper

#304 - Treena Antonelli Vs Bill Rains

#321 - Karen Arnold Vs Mike Lucas

#349 - Sheryl Howard Vs Bill Rains

#352 Pt. 1 - Treena Antonelli Vs Bill Rains (Rematch)

#370 - Treena Antonelli Vs Bob Mason

#392 - Nancy Skarvan Vs Jim Fox

#428 - Sheryl Howard Vs Mike Lucas

# 454 - Donna Vs Sam

#484 - Karen Arnold Vs Mark Gibson

#528- Donna Land Vs Steve Sharp

#559 - Ursula Dulong Vs Mark Gibson

#606 - Fat Sue Vs Kiley

#610 - Sue Vs Mike

#616 Jeanette Vs Dale MIXED

#598 - Stella Vs Jack Dulong

#628 - Sue Vs Jim (Mixed)

#640 - Sue Vs Shannon (Mixed)

W-2 - Carol Vs John

B-13 Nikki Vs Jeremy MIXED

W-21 Jeanne Hunter Vs Todd

B-41 Alice Ann Vs Toni MIXED

B-56 Laurie Vs Kevin MIXED

W-16 - Sonia Vs Nathan

W-46 - Jeanne Hunter Vs Kevin

W-54 - Stella Vs Kevin

W-63 - Sophie Knight Vs Jeremy