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Below you will find links to websites we support and encourage you to support as well.
Further below you will find links to website we recommend you do not support.


This site will allow you to look back to the past for any old Female Fighting site that ever had a webpage.

One of the best Female Fighting forum blogs on the web.

Tribute to Barbara's Old Catfighting site with a look into the physchology of the Female Fighting Fetish.

Female Submission Wrestling Encyclopedia is a great resource for both old and current wrestling companies and more.

A resource for stories, photos, etc and more.

Slugger Sean and his Mixed Wrestling and Body-boxing Matches

Fetish Eroctia featuring catfighting, smoking and other goodies by Liz.


Now based in Las Vegas JM Rolen offers fantasy fights, Catfights, boxing, bedroom duels and more.

A Pioneer in Female Wrestling and one of the first to produce a professional looking product.

Been around for decades with a catalog of around 100 videos.

Floria based company with over 1000 original titles available.


The two sites below we currently do not support because the sites owner not only does not allow us to post to his Forum Blog and has gone so far as to block the words "Rockin Roxanne" from being posted on the site.

Forum blog mostly about mixed matches with some fem vs fem as well

This is the owner's for profit website featuring Mixed and Female Matches


It isn't so much that the Forum Blog or the Fight Pulse website are not useful resources that we would otherwise support.
The issue is that the sites owner not only does not allow us to post to his Forum Blog and has gone so far as to block the words "Rockin Roxanne" from being posted on the site. The reason this is the case is because the owner has befriended the late Judell Dulong's granddaugther, Jacqynette Shook (AKA Jacoy), who has mistaken us for the person or persons who ran the now defunct website which appears to have operated between 2005 and 2014. The link we provided is taken from the site for your reference. From what we understand, this enity either stopped or never paid Judell Dulong per an agreement they entered into for them to market some of Judell's videos on the Internet.

We believe the confusion comes from the fact that sometime in the late 1990's or early 2000's many of Judell Dulong's original masters were damaged in a storage unit (By flood as I recall). With many of the masters lost Judll sought out fans who might have the lost matches. At the time we had most of them and were interested in acquring the rights to market them and in late 2004 entered into a semi non exclusive agreement with Judell to market her videos for a lump sum, which did not include any residual payments to be made on any sales. This arrangment allowed us to market the videos on a semi non exclusive basis which allowed Judell to enter into other marketing agreements with others using only what videos that were not destroyed. This meant we had exclusive rights to the majority of the videos, mostly from the old Camp Amazon and Judell's Montana days. Given much of Judell's Washington videos survived, we were given a set of those. Our agreement with Judell was to be semi non exclusive for 20 years or until Judell Dulong passing, whichever came first, and at time we woud then have full exclusive rights to the entire Judell Dulong catalog.

We do not believe Jacoy is aware of our agreement Judell, who passed away in 2017. Here is a link to an obiturary. In fact, Judell herself in her later years did not appear to have any memory of the agreement we had in place in an interview on youtube, where she was interviewed by Jaocy. We assume, that was more do to age and not any dishonestly on her part. However, its rather easy to see why Jacoy has Come to believe that Judell was not being properly compensated and assumed we were the enity who was not compesating Judell. The owner of the and believing the same, unfairly banned our ability to post to his site and also banned any mention of our words Rockin-Roxanne. He even went so far as to email us to accuse us of being the owners of the old site and tell us be banned us. Although at the time we didn't disclose the terms of our agreemet with Judell, we did profess that we were not the enity behind, but neither he nor Jacoy is accepting of this fact. In an extreme offer of good faith, we even offered Jacoy a full set of our Judell Dulong Collection with our blessings for her to market, but never received a response. That offer was offered through the owner of these sites, so we have no way of knowing if he ever sent it along to Jacoy.

So given all of this, until such time we are allowed to post to that site and the block of our name is removed, we encouage our customers not to support those sites.

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