Our Volume Discounts allow you to enjoy sale pricing every day of the year with videos as low as $6.99 each!
Discounts began with the purchase of just 6 videos and the more you buy the more discounted they are.

Please Be Sure To Follow The Insturctions Below To Use Our Volume Discounts.


Any 6 Videos For Just $80 ( $13.33 Each Plus Shipping)
Any 10 Videos For Just $125 ($12.50 Each Plus Shipping)
Any 20 Videos For Just $200 ($10.00 Each Plus Shipping)
Any 30 Videos For Just $250 ($8.33 Each Plus Shipping)
Any 40 Videos For Just $300 ($7.50 Each Plus Shipping)
Any 50 Videos For Just $350 ($7.00 Each Plus Shipping)


1. Volume Discounts are limited to our regular inventory of over 7,000 and cannot be used on or combined with any other offering.
(For those uncertain, our regular inventory are any of the videos accessable from the menus on the upper left side of every page of our website.

2. Volume Discounts are not automatic. You must use the payment methods shown below to receive our Volume Discount pricing. Otherwise, Volume Discounts do not apply.
So please do not use any other credit card link other than the one shown below.

3. Volume Discount levels are based on one transaction only. This means each separate order only receives the Volume Discount for
the amount of videos ordered in a single transaction. For Example, if you purchased 20 videos in one transaction you get the
20 for $200 Volume Discount, but if you later order 6 more videos the volume discount on that order would be for the Volume Discount for 6 items.
In other words, to get your maximum Volume Discount, you will need to buy them all in a single transaction.

QUESTION: What happens if I buy like 13 videos which is inbetween your Volume Discount for 10 and 20 items"
ANSWER: We'll give you the Volume Discount pricing based on 10 items for the 11th, 12th and 13th videos. So basically we give you the same pricing on any video over the volume discount pricing you achived with any single transaction.

(Please read this paragraph even if you are ordering a download)

PLEASE NOTE: Our credit card order form doesn't play well with the Amazon Silk browser.
If you use Amazon Silk we recommend using another browswer as we may not receive your order if you use Amazon Silk.

Please note this form may take a as much as 30 seconds to begin to load so please be patient.

Video Titles:
When placing an order by credit card, phone or email be sure you enter in your email or state in your phone call the EXACT title(s) of what you are ordering.
The EXACT title can be found UNDER the graphic of the video. By this we mean the page that you entered from to view the larger graphic of the video.
Below is an example of what we are referring to.

It is the customers responsibility to enter the correct title. We will no longer replace any video if you have failed to provide the correct title(s) (No Exceptions)

Some common mistakes customers make with titles:

Providing just a number.. We use numbers in a lot of sections on our site so please be sure to state what you want
(Examples Foxy Boxing #10, Euro Wrestling #10, Mixed Chubby Wrestling #10, Asian Chickfight #10, Vintge Female Wrestling #10, etc.)

It is also crucial that you note if the item is a Wrestling or Boxing Item as we often have both a wrestling and a boxing match with the same woman.

Another common mistake is when ordering from our Women of Colro section that you note if the item is from our African American Heritage or Latina/Other section.

Keeping in mind that we have over 7,000 titles on our site, we can't read you mind, so please always be clear about what you're ordering so that your purchase experience always goes well.

Should You Have Any Questions Please Email me at Rox@rockin-roxanne.com
You can also order volume discounts for DVDs by mail.
Our mailing address is:
R. Butcher
PO Box 2641
Chino Hills, CA. 91709

Please be sure to include your return address along with the item titles you want plus $2 for Domestic Orders and $8 for International Orders.

Should you have any questions about our Volume Discounts, please email me at Roxanne@rockin-roxanne.com

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