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At we do our best to deliver your purchase quikcly and accuratey. However, despite our best efforts,
Sometimes mistake happen. Therefore, Rockin-Roxanne will happily replace any DVD or Download that was a video other than what you ordered free of any charge.

In the event you have received an incorrect video please email us at and place the words "WRONG VIDEO" in the subject line.

There is no need to return an incorrect DVD that was shipped to you and simply consider it our gift to you for our mistake. We will also pay for the cost to reship the correct DVD(s).


The wrong video(s) must have been our mistake and not a mistake on the customers part.

If you used any of our forms on our website that require you to enter the titles you want
it is 100% the customers responsbility to enter the correct titles of what you are ordering.
This applies to filling out ANY of our credit card forms, or any type of Invoice request or
Email you sent us requesting a title.. The failure to enter the correct title will void any free replacement.

The correct title of what you are ordering appears UNDER the grapic of what you are ordering
and NOT IN THE GRAPHIC. To be more specific when we say UNDER the Graphic, we are referring
to the smaller graphic that appeas in the lead in page to the video.
Here are a few Examples:

Burbank Bombed

Michelle Vs Desire

Vintage Mixed Wrestling #53

In the examples above you will note the title in white lettering that appars UNDER the graphic.
This is the title you will want to place into any of our forms.
If you happen to find yourself about to fill out one of our forms and are unsure of the title,
You should return to the entry page to make sure you have the title correct. You can do this
By hitting the back button in your browser twice to return to the entry page. In some browers
this might take you back to our homepage. If that happens simply follow the same links you
followed to find the video in the first place.

Why do you have this policy?

Naturally, like any respectful business, we will replace any incorrect order that was our fault. That's Just Basic customer service 101.
However, the issue of customers entering the wrong titles in our forms has become a huge problem on our end as we had to replace more than
500 videos due to the customer entering the wrong title into our forms. It's been such a problem that we have began to suspect
that some of our customers may be doing this on purpose, therefore, it is SOLEY the customers responsibility to enter the correct tites.

Some helpful pointers to make sure you are ordering want you really want:
As mentioned above the correct title is UNDER the Graphic (not on top or what verbage might be included in the graphic)

Many items on our site are numbered and most common mistake we get is a customer entering something like #25 or Volume #25.
The problem here is that we have MANY videos that might use the number 25. Some examples would be as follows:
Vintage Female Wrestling #25
Pro Ring Wrestling #25
Asian Chickfight #25
Euro Fights #25
Euro Wrestling #25
Mixed Euro Wrestling #25
Foxy Boxing #25
Vintage Boxing #25
Women of Color Wrestling #25
Women of Color Boxing#25
Women of Color Mixed #25
Latina Women of Color Wrestling #25

Another common mistake is regarding our Women of Color Section and the failure to include the word "Latina" when customers want to
purchase a video from the Latina/Other section of our Women of Color videos. So be sure to you put the word "Latina" in the title if that's wha you want.

These are just some examples of where it is EXTREMELY important that you enter a correct title when using any forms on our website.
We also recommend that in addition to the correct title that you also add the words "Wrestling," "Boxing" or "Mixed" next to the title
Because we do have a few items where the same women may have both a wrestling and a boxing video on our website. So Please always add
The words Wrestling, boxing or mixed either next to the title or in the comments section of our forms.

PLEASE NOTE: If you don't enter either wrestling, boxing or mixed either next to the title or in the comments section (Or follow up with
an email, we will always assume that you wanted the wrestling video by default.

What will you do for me if I screwed up and didn't follow these basic directions?

Sadly if you fail to have read or follow this policy and you entered an incorrect title, we will no longer replace it
and you will be required to repurchase the item(s) at full price.
We considered offering a discounted price, but quickly realized how such a policy could be abused by intentionally ordering
The wrong item and thus getting 2 videos at a discount. So we are completely closing that loophole and place FULL RESPONSIBILTY on the
customer to get the title right when they order from our forms. We don't like being so black and white on this issue but it's our feeling
that a handful of customers have been abusing our previous policy of replacing videos that were delivered due to customer error. So with
This policy we give you all the tools to order correctly and have placed a link to our policies on EVERY PAGE of our videos to ensure there
is no reasonable way to not have been aware of this policy befor ordering.

We strive for World Class Customer Service, but this is one area where the customer needs to be responsible for what they are purchasing.
In the event you enter an incorrect title, we will politely point you back to this policy and further point out that we placed multiple
warnings cautioning you to have read our polices prior to ordering and that the responsibilty for failure to either have read or ignore this
policy is firmly the CUSTOMERS responsibility and that there are no exceptions to this policy.

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