IMPORTANT! - If you are buying any Volume Discount Packages you MUST use the Credit Card Link or use the drop down menu below To Use PayPal.
If you use the "Buy Now" Links from the Individual DVDs it will default to the regular price.
Please Note: We Do Not Refund Or Offer Backward Discounts If You Use The Individual Links.

To Use Volume Discounts, Simply browse our website and see which items you want and then come back to this page
and Choose To Pay Via Credit Card or PayPal. If Using a Credit Card Use the Credit Card Link Below.
If Using PayPal, list the DVDs you want in the comments box below before hitting the buy now button.

PLEASE NOTE: The PayPal message box sometimes limits the characters it sends us even though
it may have allowed you to type in all of the titles you want. Because of this, we encourage
you to also keep a list of what you are ordering in case we need to verify it with you.
You can also email your selections to or use Paypals message box.

If you purchase with a volume discount due to a PayPal Limitation you may be under charged for shipping up to $8 on Domestic orders and up to $24 on Intenational Packages
If this happens, we will send you a supplimental PayPal Invoice for the shipping shortage which must be paid before your order will ship.
Please Note: If you use PayPal on Download orders our PayPal system will also charge
you the shipping fee which we will refund to you once we fill your volume discount download order.

Use the Drop-Down Menu Below To Select 6, 10 or 20 DVDs or Downloads.
Enter The Titles You Want (Should mention if it's wrestling or boxing)
Then Click on the Buy Now With PayPal Button Below.

Enter The DVDs or Downloads You Want By Name
Example: "Candy Vs Barbara" - You may want to mention if the items you want are
Wrestling or Boxing So as to avoid any problems with your order.

Please Note: If you are ordering Downloads you cannot use PayPal for videos that include Nudity.

You can also order volume discounts for DVDs by mail.
Our mailing address is:
R. Butcher
PO Box 2641
Chino Hills, CA. 91709

Please be sure to include your return address along with the item titles you want.

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