This is our section for C&B Videos who along with their sister company Silver Sun Produced
Female Wrestling, Boxing & Mixed Videos, although just a few boxing titles.
The Female & Mixed Wrestling Videos were mostly competitive in Style. However
They Did Produce a few Fantasy Style Wrestling Matches hiring outside Talent
Such As Hollywood and Other Sexy Vixens that included a very small amount of topless action.
Below you will find a partial list of the videos they produced. In some cases we were
Not certain of the actual names of the girls and some of the men, so the names may
not always be correct. You'll also notice that videos added to our website in the Fall
of 2017 and later also include a short 15 second video preview which you can watch by
Clicking anywhere on the graphic.

Click On Any Of The Images Below For a Full Size Graphic With the Option to Purchase Using Your Credit Card and/or PayPal.

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C&B Preview #1

C&B Preview #2

C&B Preview #3

C&B Preview #4

Fuchsia Vs Jaqueline

Kelli Vs Stephanie

Katie Vs Patricia

Onyx Vs Starlett

Starlett Vs Raquel


Jasmine Vs Hollywood

Vanessa Vs Shadow

Heather Vs Nikki

Amber Vs Gold

Tigger Vs Kelly

Deanna Vs Danielle

Pamela Vs Gina

Fuchsia Vs Felica

Jamie Vs Tigger

Deanna Vs Brenda

Fuchsia Vs Katie

Alissa Vs Annie

Phoenix Vs Tatiana

Corrine Vs Patricia

Fuchsia Vs Tigger

Annie Vs Angel

Lora Vs Fushsia

Nikki Vs Raquel

Betty Vs Fatale

Lora Vs Fushsia

Carrie Vs Dawn

Raquel Vs Jasmine

Kiki Vs Michelle

Mandy Vs Mindy

Liberty Vs Fawn

Mary Jane Vs Betty

Kiki Vs Juanita

Starlet Vs Jaquline

Jessica Vs Melanie

Mary Jane Vs Melanie

Renee Vs Stacy

Lora Vs Candi

Darla Vs Skye

Jenna Vs Bob Boxing

Millie Vs Mike Boxing

Candi Vs Bob Boxing

Flattened On The Racketball Court

Candi Vs Bob Boxing

Hollywood Vs Scott

Alissa Vs Adam

Shadow Vs Robert

Georgia Vs Mike

Coco Vs Bob

Patricia Vs Todd

Jamie Vs Mike

Andrea Vs Bob

Fuchsia Vs Todd

Phoenix Vs Thad

Remi Vs Bob

Lorranie Vs Bob

Coco Vs Rod

Mandy Vs Mitch

Candi Vs Carl

Alexis Vs Andrew

Molly Vs Max

Taking Down The Ref

Lora Vs Joe

Lora Vs Bob

Remote Controlled

Betty Vs Barney

Noel Vs Nick

Felicia Vs Stewart

Lora Vs Mark

Connie Vs Grandpa Lewis

Mandy Vs Bob

Carrie Vs Bob

Mary Jane & Melanie Vs Bob

Melanie Vs Bob

Joyce Vs Oliver

Jenna Vs Bob

Candi Vs Bob

Betty Vs Barney

Lora Vs Don

Lora Vs Forrest

Princess Vs Justin

Tigger Vs Justin

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